Wilderness Tour


This tour will plunge you headfirst into the many treasures of the Western Ghat wilderness. The geo-climatic diversity of the Indian sub-continent has nurtured and sheltered a wide range of wildlife, with over 350 species of mammals and 1200 species of birds. Today, most of India’s wildlife finds refuge in over two hundred sanctuaries and parks around the country. This tour will visit some of the best wilderness sites to get you an up close and personal look at the beauty of India’s natural landscape.


Visit the magnificent palaces of Mysore, with their exquisite carvings and art, luxurious furnishing, majestic durbar halls, ornate ceilings, and sculptured pillars | Discover Kabini, the ultimate wildlife destination | Explore the beautiful forest on the banks of the Kabini River by land and boat safaris | Surrender yourself to the Bandipur allure, as you enjoy an expedition full of discovery, excitement and wilderness | Trek through forests and tea plantations high in the Western Ghats | Houseboat tour in blissful tranquility, as you glide past the many lagoons and lakes which run parallel with the Arabian Sea Coast (Malabar Coast) | A dramatic classical dance performances that re-enact Indian legends and myths. A wonderful experience with special effects in an intimate setting | Exploring the local culture of the port city of Cochin, with its historical Jewish influence | Relax on the tropical and “undiscovered” beaches of Marari | Flexible tailor-made booking options.



    Welcome to City of Gardens and the Silicon Valley of India. The city of Bangalore has numerous tourist attractions to keep its visitors busy, including beautiful gardens, serene lakes, and magnificent palaces.

  • DAY 02: MYSORE

    Travel to Mysore, City of Palaces and the Sandalwood City of Karnataka, and the oldest and richest economy in India.

  • DAY 03: MYSORE

    Tour the ancient princely city. Famous for its silks, sandalwood, and palaces, Mysore is home to the largest palace in India, built in the Indo-Persian style in 1900. Head to Devaraja Market to experience one of India’s best markets. Tourists and locals alike shop for fruit and vegetables, flowers, and spices. Visit an art gallery and the Chamunseshwari Temple on Chamundi Hill, dedicated to the goddess Kali, with its panoramic view of the city.

  • DAY 04: KABINI

    Drive to Kabini, the ultimate wildlife getaway. Home to a number of unique species of flora and fauna, Kabini is a wildlife lover’s delight.

  • DAY 05: KABINI

    Take a guided tour into the forest on a specially designed wildlife safari vehicle. Explore the Kabini reservoir backwaters on the local’s fishing boat of choice. Experience nature in its full splendor with a guided walk along the edge of the park or by the banks of the reservoir. Try some birdwatching in Kabini, home to around 300 different species of birds.


    Travel to Bandipur. Its priceless tiger and leopard habitat is home to three rivers and is part of the best remaining homes of the endangered Asiatic elephant, Indian wild dog, and a plethora of life in all its sublimely understated forms and colours.


    Travel to Wyanad. Enjoy many different hiking and trekking trails, delve into ancient history, and explore different facets of tribal life.


    Drive to Calicut. Visit Thali temple, the fish markets, or venture into town to stroll along Sweetmeat Street. In the evening, enjoy a Kalaripayatu performance, a local traditional martial arts form.

  • DAY 09: COCHIN

    Take fascinating train journey through scenic rail routes in Kerala to the captivating city of Cochin. In the evening, take in a Kathakali show. The impressive mudras, graceful and rhythmic movements, pleasing choreography, and delightful imagery makes Kathakali one of the most intricate and delightful dance forms.

  • DAY 10: COCHIN

    Enjoy a short heritage walk in the historical Fort Cochin area. Fort Kochi is the earliest recorded settlement on the Malabar Coast, with its beautiful colonial bungalows, peppered with Dutch, Portuguese and Malabar architecture.


    No trip to South India is complete without a journey on a traditional house boat. Locally known as kettuvallam, these traditional rice barges are made by tying jackwood planks together with coir rope and then coating them with black resin made from boiled cashew nut shells.

  • DAY 12: MARARI

    Drive to Marari. Soak up the tranquility and serenity of this sleepy fishing village.

  • DAY 13: MARARI

    Spend the day relaxing on the beach.

  • DAY 14: COCHIN

    Depart to Cochin airport.

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