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Born into the tourism industry, I was inspired to start my own travel business to showcase the amazing heritage town of Mamallapuram. The experience of helping our guests grow to love India as much as I do was truly life-changing and I realized that I wanted to do more. So I branched out and started Travel XS to highlight all of South India. I consider myself lucky to be able to help others experience India and change their own lives through travel and tourism, either as one of our guests or as a valued member of the Travel XS family.

  • Raji Menon

    Director - Business Development

    A passion for travel and meeting people from different cultures and arranging memorable, hassle free holidays was what initiated me into the world of tourism. A career spanning 30 wonderful years with the last 10 years with Travel Xs has not waned my excitement nor my passion for tourism. To be an operator that delivers holidays to the expectations of clients is the inspiration. The excitement in planning the travel and striving to make holidays safe, trouble free and memorable. Advocating and recognizing the social responsibility we are engaged in Responsible Tourism Initiatives by including wide ranging programmes that helps to invest back into the community in which we operate.

    We at Travel Xs take pride in being honest and transparent and as a team we will grow together ….!

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    Assistant General Manager – Sales – European Markets

    I joined Travel XS right out of college 14 years ago. Although tourism wasn't related to anything I studied in college (Engineering), I found it to be fascinating and exciting. Very quickly I realized that this is exactly what I wanted to do with my life, and now I can't imagine doing anything else. Working with TravelXS allows me to meet so many great people! I've made friends from all walks of life and have learned so much about so many different cultures, all while sharing my love of India with others. Occasionally, I wonder what my life would have been like had I stayed in Engineering, but all I can think about is how much I would have missed out on had I not started working with TravelXS. I laugh and smile with people from around the world every single day! Why would I want to do anything else?

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    Head of Department – Sales – North America

    I live in the charming beach haven of Mamallapuram, which might explain the sunshine and good cheer that I like to carry around with me wherever I go. I bring this spirit to my work, and I love that part of my job is interacting with amazing people from all over the world. So many of our guests come back year after year, that they end up feeling more like family than clients. I've worked with global luxury travelers for my entire career, and have a keen understanding of their needs, motivations, and concerns. I specialize in creating personalized and special-interest tours for travelers who want something more than the standard, off-the-shelf vacation. Two of my favorite types of tours to help design are cuisine and festival themed tours. After all, there is no shortage of delicious things to eat and fantastic festivals to experience in India! I strongly believe that the right mix of enthusiasm, exciting travel destinations, and quality service always results in wonderful travel experiences. And helping our guests have wonderful travel experiences is what this is all about!

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  • IVON

    Senior Manager - Sales

    As I was growing up, world travelers were basically my superheroes. I was so impressed by people who were dedicated to travel and who were always looking for new and fascinating experiences. Hieun Tsang, Richard Burton, Ibn Batuta, Marco Polo, and FaHien were some of my favorites, as they all shared their passion for exploration and adventure with the world. Learning about them set me on the path to finding my own travel adventures and traveling became one of my passions. Having traveled extensively across the length and breadth of Kerala, I've gained an in-depth knowledge of Kerala's rich culture, much of which remains undiscovered by the average traveler. As the cliché goes, I know Kerala like the back of my hand. And it's great to be able to share my love of Kerala with our guests.

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  • Martina Maciejewski

    Sales Representative

    "Being born and raised in Germany, Bavaria, I have studied tourism management at the University in Munich. My fascination of the Indian culture and my enthusiasm about the country and its people started with my first business trip to India in 2007. My task then was to introduce an event in the beverage and liquid food technology sector for the German company Messe München GmbH in India. This trade fair in Mumbai, which I have organized as an Exhibition Director is now well-established. During my numerous trips and stays in India I have been able to build a reliable and dense network of friends and business partners.
    As I love travelling, especially in India, I am also happy to be team member of Travel XS, where I have the chance to inspire German travelers about India and introduce the fascinating country to them with our offers and packages. I see myself to spread the Indian spirit among the German clients!

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    Assistant General Manager – Operations

    If experience is the best teacher then I have met countless beautiful teachers from South India as a tour organizer. For the past 14 years, I've traveled throughout South India, learning and experiencing everything I can about this beautiful country. It has been tremendously fun and amazingly rewarding, and I want each of our guests to feel the same passion for India that I have. In fact, I've always felt that my job is not just designing tours; it's really creating experiences for our guests. From our cuisine tours, to our rickshaw tours, we help our guests truly connect with this land and its people. I like to think of it as selling dreams even! And, once you travel with us, all of your dreams of India will come true. So I look forward to seeing you on our next tour, and matching your Good Mornings, Bonjours, and Goedemorgens with plenty of Namaskaram to India.

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    Manager - Sales

    I am so proud to be a part of TravelXS! I've worked with TravelXS for over 7 years, starting with the company right after finishing my MBA. I've worked in many different areas of the company, learning all about the travel industry, and especially travel in South India. Currently, I am a tour specialist for our UK, Dutch, German, and French guests. I also manage transportation for all of our guests. As I'm sure you can imagine, this is a big responsibility! The last thing anyone wants to worry about on a holiday is how they're going to get to the next stop. I enjoy taking care of transportation for our guests, so that it is as easy as possible for them to get to whatever exciting place is next on their list.

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    Asst. Manager

    I love traveling, I love my job, and I love TravelXS. Traveling has always been my favorite hobby. I started working with TravelXS in 2009 as a trainee and have worked my way up the ranks since then. Now I am an assistant manager, but I'm still learning new things every day. There are so many different aspects to travel, and everything is constantly evolving…I guess that's why it's so much fun! No matter how much one travels and explores, there is still something new to discover around every corner.

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  • Sadish Kumar P

    Manager – Operations

    I think of myself as being both adventurous and level-headed. I love challenging myself and think that life is the most fun when one dives right into all of the exciting opportunities and experiences that it offers. During my education, I got a head-start on my travel career by organizing trips with my classmates. Everyone always had a great time and it inspired me to turn my passion for travel into my career. I wanted to work for a company that lets me travel and explore and TravelXS is exactly that! I am a senior executive in operations, so I'm a bit removed from the action, but I always feel like I am traveling right along with our guests. When they are on a tour with us, I make sure that everything is going smoothly, so that all they have to do is focus on having fun and making memories.

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  • Karan

    Executive Tours

    I born in Andaman Islands and I finished my academic in Bio-technology at Andaman itself though my academic and carrier in different field as I always admired the beauty of Andaman Islands and get time to talk with travelers who come to my region, which inspired me to step into travel and tourism to achieve the lifelong passion. I am now in Travel Xs, everyday a new experience starts with adventure tours, handling different region clients and getting to know what a true traveler wants.

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    Executive Transport

    I don't have any dream or ambitions because I don't believe in those dramatic things. But I believe in people and their feelings so I am happy to be part of this service oriented organization and glad to be surrounded by similar minds. Cool!

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  • Jithin Jose

    Senior Executive

    Its been 5 long years since I passed out from a hospitality institute in Kerala. Although I trained to be a cabin crew I was fascinated by the tourism industry and applied to work with Travel Xs as trainee customer care executive. Being the first one from the organization to meet and greet clients at the airport on arrival has given me the pleasure of knowing peoples from distant lands and various cultures. I also take care of the transport division and keep a check on our fleet of vehicles in Cochin. Now it has transformed into a passion and I thoroughly enjoy my work with Travel Xs.

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  • Ramadass

    Executive - Tours

    I love travelling different places to meet people and experience the hidden treasures, so I chose Tourism as my career and pursued my studies in Pondicherry University. As the days passed by, the thirst of travelling reached its height and now my profession and passion becomes travel & tourism. This incredible India has plenty to offer to the people who really seek it and I would like to be a part of it. Nothing makes me happier than showcasing the landscape, culture, spiritual and unity of my nation. I am looking forward to meet and share with fellow travellers. Being a part of Travel xs team, everday I learn new experiences. Life is too short so enjoy every moment and collect sweet memories of your life.

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  • BANI

    I started working with Travelxs 11 year ago. Since then, I've spent my time bouncing all around South India, traveling from the west coast to the east coast and back again, and I've learned so much about this great country. But there is still so much more to learn and experience! South India is one of the most special places in the world, filled with beauty and adventure. It's great to be able to share my love of this country with all of the wonderful people that I meet on our tours. A big part of the fun is getting to see India through the eyes of our guests. It's like discovering India all over again!

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    Being a tour guide for Travelxs inspires me! I have been a tour leader in South India for the past 6 years and I absolutely love what I do. I have always loved nature and being outdoors, and this evolved into a true passion for adventure travel in South India. There is so much to do here! My favorites are hiking and cycling, and there is certainly no shortage of beautiful trails, paths, and areas to explore in India. And I'm always happy to help our guests plan activities and excursions. Helping others to create their own adventures in India just makes me love this country even more. It truly is one of the most unique and exciting regions on Earth!

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    I believe that traveling is the best way to explore and live life. I've been a tour leader with Travelxs for three and a half years now, and I am definitely living life to the fullest. As a tour leader, I get to meet lots of great people and teach them about my beautiful country. Well, it may be more accurate to say that I am bragging to them about my beautiful country, but the fact is that I love helping people discover India. There is just so much to see and experience in this country! I also love languages and music, which comes in handy in India where we have an abundance of both. I speak several languages, and am always happy to discuss music or suggest music-related events for outings.

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    I believe that traveling is the best way to explore and live life. I've been a tour leader with TravelXS for three and a half years now, and I am definitely living life to the fullest. As a tour leader, I get to meet lots of great people and teach them about my beautiful country. Well, it may be more accurate to say that I am bragging to them about my beautiful country, but the fact is that I love helping people discover India. There is just so much to see and experience in this country! I also love languages and music, which comes in handy in India where we have an abundance of both. I speak several languages, and am always happy to discuss music or suggest music-related events for outings.

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    I was born and raised in Pondicherry, which is a great city and a popular tourist destination. My town has so much history and character, but I learned early on thatit is just one of the many fascinating regions and towns in India. I find that I am the happiest when I am exploring new places and cultures and getting lost in conversation with friends. So it's no surprise that working as a tour leader for Travelxs brings me great joy! I come from a business background and have a degree in History, so I like to think that I bring an interesting and unique perspective to my tours. I also love football and cricket, and anything that involves physical activity. So I'm always up for a match or an outing and have lots of great ideas for excursions!

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  • Prithivi Singh

    L'inde est un pays de contrastes en pliene mutation qui n'a pas fini de nous étonner. Etant originaire du Rajasthan, j'ai toujours été passionné par la culture européenne et particulièrement par la culture française. je me suis donc rendu à Pondicherry , lieu incontournable pour étudier cette langue! J'y ai fait de nombreuses rencontres, ma voie était donc toute tracée. A l'issue de mon ensiengnement à l'alliance française. Je décidais d'être guide francophone.

    le plaisir de faire découvrir mon vaste pays, être toujours a l'écoute , repondre aux besoins, échanger sont mes priorités

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    Senior manager - Accounts

    Numbers is what I deal. Many afraid of Mathematics and Accounts and I am not an exception. I learnt to love Numbers as it is the beginning of everything and it is the soul of a perfect administration. Exploring places are my passion and Numbers are my career. No wonder how deep my passion is and still continuing for more than 16 years. Years of experience & dedication earned me a position as Head of Accounts and administration as well. I relish Photography, wonder how often we are true but every photographs express reality and trueness.

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    Manager - Accounts

    Living a life as an accountant for more than 9 years and I am handling accounts for all our fleets and chauffeurs. I gained all sorts of experience when I was in charge of logistics and gained good people to grow with. Yoga made me a flexible person, every day I practice Yoga which keeps me healthy and happy. I am not a great traveller but I love spiritual travelling.

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    Asst. Manager – Accounts

    Accounting is full of magic, a single error would turn it to be difficult and every day I am learning of what not to do. I am handling payment to principal vendors, maintaining database and handling bank transactions. Wonder how one can limit learning and experiencing? no matter how hard it is yet I am still learning and it's been 11 years now. I love music it calms me down and gives peace. Cricket is a crazy word among youngsters and I am very good at batting. I am a kind of guy who travel to adventure places even though I am not look like a fit person yet I love to travel.

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